Personal loans

What is personal loan?

Personal loans are amounts of money that individuals request from a banking or credit institution, whether private or public, with the obligation for us to return that money at the end of the agreed period between both subjects, together with interests that we identify as the cost of the service. Or, put another way, the loan consists of an operation from which a financial institution lends a person a certain amount of money that the borrower must reimburse along with previously agreed on interest and within a certain period of time.

Are уоu in dirе need оf cash? So, personal loans exist to help us solve unforeseen events that we encounter from time to time. A quick credit allows us to make ends meet more comfortably, pay bills that exceed the expected cost more peacefully, repair any damage to our home, etc. The point is that if we need quick money sporadically personal loans can be the most appropriate and quick solution.

Now, within what we understand as personal loans we find different typologies according to the use that is wanted to give the received money. Some of the characteristics in which the different types of loans differ are the amount of money requested, the repayment terms and the interest rates.

The different types of personal loans

  • Auto loans: Intended for the repair of a vehicle or any of its parts. They are loans that we request when we need to fix some element of our car or, for example, when we need to fix some aspect that we did not have in mind to pass the ITV.
  • Loans for studies: These are loans that we request to be able to pay more easily and more quietly, university fees, masters or a course abroad.
  • Loans for reforms: These loans are requested to reform the house. An example would be when we are expecting a baby and we want to reform one of the rooms in our house to make it as cozy as possible.
  • Loans for consumption: These types of loans basically exist to provide you with the money you need to pay for a TV, refrigerator or another everyday object that has a high cost.
  • Loans in advance of the payroll: These loans consist in obtaining the money from the payroll in advance, in order to have the money at that moment.
  • Loans to travel: These are loans that we request to finance a trip or improve the conditions of it. So, with this type of loan, you can change a national destination for a European one.

The personal loans

You can request personal loans of up to € 900, in case you have already requested one with us and you have returned it on the established date. In case it is your first credit you can request up to € 300. Request the amount you request, the maximum term to return the credit is 30 days from the granting of the credit. Even so, in some cases, there is the possibility of extending the term a few more days. The interests according to the characteristics of your loan will be reflected in our simulator as soon as you enter the amount and time of return you want. Once the aspects of the credit have been determined, you must fill out a form where you will be asked for different personal data so that we can verify your identity and your ability to repay the loan. With all this completed, we will let you know if the credit has been granted and, if so, you must accept the loan contract. We take care to send you an email with all the significant information. Once you have accepted the contract, we will send you the money of your loan and you will receive it in your bank account in just 10 minutes because in these cases the speed is very important.

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